Keep your eye on the doughnut

Mariel Manuel: a new designertalent to keep an eye on. With her graduation collection for the Antwerp Fashion Academy she won the Momu award and the Coccodrillo award. This gives her the chance to exhibit her collection at the Momu and her shoes in the Coccodrillo designershoe store in Antwerp.
The Swedish brand Weekday already hired her for a project, I ‘m excited to see that one..

Last week I’ve visited her collections at the ground floor of the Antwerp fashion museum Momu. (The exhibition is back 8 september till the 26th of september). Her collections are not what you can call ready-to-wear, it are collections that show off her ambition to develop great ideas, in her own surrealistic and impressionistic style.
The inspiration for her collection ‘Keep your eye on the doughnut’ came from her experiences with the beach in LA, (she ’s half American, half Swiss). She enlarges the ideal on LA beaches, by illustrating blondes with perfect bodies, and superheroes.

love these wave shoes

There ’s also a part of her older collection exhibited ‘What happens in the Grotto stays in the Grotto’. This collection takes place in the woods, with the idea of people leaving Las Vegas and taking refuge in the forest. In the woods people would collect materials to enhance their crowns with.

She lets men wear heels in these Vegas woods, hah!

For more pictures visit:


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