Fashion reflects society

In the fashion industry there are lots of people only interested in their own taste, it is a very idle and narrow industry.. I think the art of being a great fashion designer is in the ability to see trough your own environment and your own needs. Fashion designers who make it to the top, are liked by many, in that way they get elected as spokesmen of society. Fashion isn’t for the few, it is for the great who can see trough their narrow environment. Real fashion exists when designers open their eyes and ears to unfamiliar things. Fashion is about telling a unheard stories about the society of today and its needs.
(Rick Owens brought a very good story of what this fall 2010 is about)

The tough warriorlook came up last season, as a reflection of the fight of the mass against the crisis that has stroke hard.

The graphic prints in clothes show the influence of computers on our lives, we can not live without them anymore.

The ethnic inspiration on the catwalks is the reflection of the world getting smaller. Interests in ethnic cultures have risen, ethnic cultures become reachable trough the internet and trough travelling.

The ecotrend in society hasn’t left fashion untouched neither, people are getting aware that we ruining the environment in a high-speed tempo. That is why the vintage trend and eco-clothing stays important.

Clothes become more and more comfortable, because people become more busy, we fill our days more and more with activities and travelling.


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