Modo Brussels

I ‘ve visited my hometown Brussels yesterday, like a real tourist with a map in the hand and camera around the neck (luckily NOT wearing shorts and sandals with white socks). It’s the fashion parcours Modo Brussels that made us tourists. That parcours was a good opportunity to visit all the cool shops in and around the Dansaert street. There were about 60 places to visit, for this event the shops had creative installations of Brussels’ fashion designers and students from Brussels’ fashion school.

The first store we couldn’t resist walking into was Kartell, home designstore, there Céline Lellouche exhibited her collection, impressive.

Next we walked by the lively shopwindow of Underwear where Tine Prophete showed her first collection.

We made a stop at the unique vintage shop Idiz Bogam. The lady on the left wore a piece of Vanessa Vukiceviks collection, who exhibited her work here.

Hunting and Collecting showed ‘stunning’ heads from Mouton Collet (two french jeweldesigners who are not scared of some extravagance)

Modo parcours made me discovered MAPP., a clothing store with a great selection of magazines in their store, Belgian designer Valéria Siniouchkina had her exhibition installed in the shop around her label Girls from Omsk.

End of evening.


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