Festival fashion: Couleur Café

Dit weekend stond het multicultureel muziekfestival Couleur Café op de agenda. Dit groot geworden festival vindt elk jaar plaats in de gebouwen van Tour & Taxi’s in Brussel. De muziek, de dans, het eten en de winkeltjes brengen je het lekkers uit Oosterse landen. Jong en oud, wit en zwart komen er samen om de start van de zomer te vieren.





De harembroek was er enorm populair, ook handig om zijn drankbinnensmokkelfunctie werd me verteld. (gaha)


2 thoughts on “Festival fashion: Couleur Café

  1. Nice pictures. I have to say that Couleur Café has become over the years one of the greatest melting pot events held in Brussels. The line-up is extremely varied yet accessible, going from reggae, ska, jazz, pop, latino and so on which really draws a public from teen-agers to parents with their kids and even over 50 easy. What’s good in your pictures is that you are showing that, contrary to what some may think, it’s not only pot heads with dreadlocks or baggie pants with caps attending the festival. There are also many hip and trendy people who still want to dress expressively even though, at the end of the day, they’ll just be a person in a huge crowd, so aim is not to stand out (I think it’s hard to stand out at Couleur Café, thanks to the crowd’s very cool attitude) Bottom line: there’s one show to watch on the different stages and another show is the crowd. Maybe there’s an anthropologist blog covering the event? 😉

  2. Thank you, I like your contribution in words to this post. Indeed I want to give people an idea of the festival, and amaze them with another view on the festival, indeed than what they have in mind when they have never went.

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