Here in Belgium, Antwerp, Converse knows how to organise a party. It takes 2 interesting young artists, brought together in the great concert revenue Trix in Antwerp. I’m really excited to tell you all about my new brand crushes!

You need to get to know Skip&Die!! This is the product of a collaboration between the South-African visual artist/singer Cata.Pirata and Dutch producer Jori Collignon. They mix electronic music with rap and exotic tunes and the result is that you can’t stop dancing! And oh, Cata.Pirata looks so incredibly cool… I recognize that ‘freeking’ awesome sense of style from the leadsinger Yo-Landy Visser in the Die Antwoord, yet another one of my favourite bands!




For those who love rap, read on! Lula Ross and emcee The Unnanounced Guest entertain your ears with a blend of rap and electronic sounds. I have a thing for Dutch rap and they are one of the reasons why! These lowlanders know how to bring it on, she sings, he raps, and they rock! Just listen!




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