What about..

I made this blog in my senior year marketing communications in Brussels, it started out as a blog about striking advertising, now its al about my passion for fashion. I moved to Antwerp, the fashion capital of Belgium. Here I studied Communication at the University of Antwerp, and at the same time I took up a styling study in Rotterdam.

To me fashion is not only about good taste. Clothing is about personality, it is the ultimate way to express yourself.

On this blog I share my view on fashion, as reflections in my sunglasses…

Ianthe De Boeck


3 thoughts on “What about..

  1. hoi Ianthe! Leuke site (kheb er al meteen vb’tjes uit gepikt voor mijn ppt van consumentengedrag) 😛 je hebt de sitenaam dan toch niet meer veranderd? OF wel? Het blijft toch wel een leuke naam ze 😛

    bonkes, tot fitness’s 😛 XXX

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