Interview with Lena Lumelsky

Lena Lumelsky was one of the talented participants in the sustainable fashion project ‘High fashion low countries’, a collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands joining forces to promote young and rising designers. Lena enjoys to work with couture techniques and is a strong supporter of handcraft. After 8 months of hard labour, her unique pieces where presented during a series of shows and expositions across Belgium and The Netherlands. Her clothes are all made in collaboration with Antwerp diamond and gold smiths, to breath new life into Belgian craftwork. I love the way she raises up a critical view on fashion and dress which is quite intriguing.

In this ‘Time is money’ dress below, a golden hourglass filled with the dust of gold sprays, keeps the creation together. When one cord is cut, the whole creations will fall apart, meaning your time can be up when you least expect it. The little parts of old watches attached as pearls to the cape are the icing on the cake. It is incredible how much time she must have spent on this piece…

Lena_Lumelsky1 © Javier Barcala

The dress ‘Omnia Vanitas’, which literally means all is vanity, stresses the fact that we all want to be admired and to look better than we really are. Lena depicted this idea by elegantly placing a magnifier in front of a (real) diamond. “Vanity is very difficult for people to carry, that ’s why I used a heavy construction.”

Lena_Lumelsky2 © Javier Barcala

In ‘Beauty in the eyes of the beholder’ pieces of art deco windows are presented in the shape of mirrors, so the person wearing the dress can simply see her own reflection. As Lena Lumesky puts it “We can only see the beauty when we see ourselves in it”.

Lena_Lumelsky3 © Javier Barcala

All pictures are shot by Javier Barcala.


Here in Belgium, Antwerp, Converse knows how to organise a party. It takes 2 interesting young artists, brought together in the great concert revenue Trix in Antwerp. I’m really excited to tell you all about my new brand crushes!

You need to get to know Skip&Die!! This is the product of a collaboration between the South-African visual artist/singer Cata.Pirata and Dutch producer Jori Collignon. They mix electronic music with rap and exotic tunes and the result is that you can’t stop dancing! And oh, Cata.Pirata looks so incredibly cool… I recognize that ‘freeking’ awesome sense of style from the leadsinger Yo-Landy Visser in the Die Antwoord, yet another one of my favourite bands!




For those who love rap, read on! Lula Ross and emcee The Unnanounced Guest entertain your ears with a blend of rap and electronic sounds. I have a thing for Dutch rap and they are one of the reasons why! These lowlanders know how to bring it on, she sings, he raps, and they rock! Just listen!



Paris is always a good idea

And especially when it is Paris Fashion week. I took some of these pictures at the Jean-Paul Lespagnard show and around the Capsule showroom of young international artists.

Happy Halloween

Denise Grunstein fotography via Trendland

Molami mon ami

Molami is een nieuwe wind in het modelandschap, nog nooit eerder werden hoofdtelefoons deel van de accessoires van een über-vrouwelijke outfit. Molami heeft de hoofdtelefoon heruitgevonden voor vrouwen, hoe ze gezien, beluisterd en aangevoeld worden. Haar hoofdtelefoons komen in leer, visleer, zijde en zijn afgewerkt met echt gouden en zilveren accenten.

De allereerste voorstelling van het nieuwe en verse merk Molami vond voor het eerst plaats in België in de Renaissance, en wordt wereldwijd gelanceerd op 11 November.

Maria Von Euler is de Zweedse bedenker van deze Molami hoofdtelefoons. Het idee kwam voort uit haar afstudeerproject tijdens haar studie industrieel design. Ze heeft zich laten inspireren door enerzijds functie en anderzijds high-end modedesign.

Event report: Dream The World Awake

Zoals verwacht liepen er heel wat stijlvolle figuren rond op de vernissage van de tentoonstelling van Walter Van Beirendonck in het Momu. De mensen die ik in het oog sprongen waren voornamelijk modestudenten aan de Modeacademie van Antwerpen, maar ook andere mensen uit de internationale modescène.




Dream The World Awake

De nieuwe tentoonstelling over het werk van Walter Van Beirendonck in het Modemuseum van Antwerpen is helemaal klaar voor het publiek. Een indrukwekkende selectie is gemaakt uit zijn archief sinds het ontstaan van zijn label in 1983. In zijn werk komen steeds verschillende thema’s terug, daardoor lopen zijn verschillende collecties helemaal door elkaar in deze tentoonstelling, gesorteerd per thema. Naast de indrukwekkende collecties van Walter Van Beirendonck, gaat er ook veel aandacht naar Walter’s inspiratiebronnen met een enorm aanbod aan visuele informatie. Deze Tentoonstelling geeft je ‘beter dan ooit’ een zicht het werk van Walter Van Beirendonck.

PP festival report

Saddest festival report I ‘ll ever make I hope.



Converse Blockparty report

Today legendary Converse Blockparty came to Antwerp, and it was even so much cooler than I expected it to be. Very nice dressed hipsters from all over Belgium and around gathered here for an afternoon of awesomeness.

When entering we had to pass a ramp overcrowded with skateboarders, going trough a basketball playing crowd, to end up at the place where I belonged: the dj-booth, with beats and rhymes taken care of by local hip-hop crews.
I hadn’t checked out to the new concept store ‘The Public Image’ in Antwerp yet, now I have on this perfect afternoon-party, and I liked them t-shirts very much.


Trend report SS12

Gallery 2020, Antwerp fashion fair put some clothing trends on our radar.

We could see it coming already, but now it ‘s official, Neon has taken over an extent volume in clothing, accessory and shoe collections. This trend is all about frivolous playful clothing.

Purses: Leghila, Shoes: Scholl, Pants: Cycle

We saw the classical menswear inspiration in shoes already, and also in clothing this trend is present. Women are provided with colorful collars on menswear inspired blouses. And it isn’t a coincidence that we see neon reappear here.

F.l.t.r.: Stills, Sandrina Fasoli, French Connection

Last but definitely not least, retro reoccurred on our radar again, now taking inspiration from the 60′s (space age).

F.l.t.r: Tara Jarmon, Lucy has a sectret, Natan


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