Interview with Lena Lumelsky

Lena Lumelsky was one of the talented participants in the sustainable fashion project ‘High fashion low countries’, a collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands joining forces to promote young and rising designers. Lena enjoys to work with couture techniques and is a strong supporter of handcraft. After 8 months of hard labour, her unique pieces where presented during a series of shows and expositions across Belgium and The Netherlands. Her clothes are all made in collaboration with Antwerp diamond and gold smiths, to breath new life into Belgian craftwork. I love the way she raises up a critical view on fashion and dress which is quite intriguing.

In this ‘Time is money’ dress below, a golden hourglass filled with the dust of gold sprays, keeps the creation together. When one cord is cut, the whole creations will fall apart, meaning your time can be up when you least expect it. The little parts of old watches attached as pearls to the cape are the icing on the cake. It is incredible how much time she must have spent on this piece…

Lena_Lumelsky1 © Javier Barcala

The dress ‘Omnia Vanitas’, which literally means all is vanity, stresses the fact that we all want to be admired and to look better than we really are. Lena depicted this idea by elegantly placing a magnifier in front of a (real) diamond. “Vanity is very difficult for people to carry, that ’s why I used a heavy construction.”

Lena_Lumelsky2 © Javier Barcala

In ‘Beauty in the eyes of the beholder’ pieces of art deco windows are presented in the shape of mirrors, so the person wearing the dress can simply see her own reflection. As Lena Lumesky puts it “We can only see the beauty when we see ourselves in it”.

Lena_Lumelsky3 © Javier Barcala

All pictures are shot by Javier Barcala.


Topshop + Hunting & Collecting = <3

First time ever we can buy Topshop/Topman in Belgium! Where? At Hunting & Collecting in Brussels. It ‘s also the first time Topshop sells it collection in a store that ‘s not theirs. I guess this means we have some nice concept stores in our country, since Topshop chose Hunting & collecting to sell their clothes (They have asked Ra too). The collection was welcomed with a little event; the visitors had access to a typical English breakfast buffet, yummy. The collection itself also had the success of yummy cookies, several pieces where already sold out, me too I couldn’t resist…

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