Event report: Dream The World Awake

Zoals verwacht liepen er heel wat stijlvolle figuren rond op de vernissage van de tentoonstelling van Walter Van Beirendonck in het Momu. De mensen die ik in het oog sprongen waren voornamelijk modestudenten aan de Modeacademie van Antwerpen, maar ook andere mensen uit de internationale modescène.





PP festival report

Saddest festival report I ‘ll ever make I hope.



At the same time, it looks like fashion is becoming less and less creative. That’s kind of the contradiction: as fashion becomes more and more popular, it’s less creative because there is really less space for strange or original ideas in such a large system. I think it’s probably a growing crisis. It’s not just that designers today are less creative than they used to be — the environment is less creative.     
Stefano Tonchi, Industrie 


Sonar is niet alleen leuk voor de muziek, het is ook een feest voor de ogen. Trendsetters vanuit heel de wereld komen hier samen.








I ‘m back

Everyone has it sometimes, and I had it the past few months.. To much to do and to little time.

But I ‘m back now, and totally ready for more fashion (, more fun and more sun)

Blocking Color

Dit is het resultaat van mijn eerste styling voor een portfolioshoot van IC-UC, advertising en fashion agency van fotograaf Steven Lemmens. De make-up werd verzorgd door opkomend make-up artist Sharon De Winter, en het model is Lisa Gryseels.

De kleding is een mix van hedendaagse labels en vooral veel vintage.

Marine vest: Foxhole , Handenwarmer in bont: Episode , Hoed: Gallery Bernardz

Vest van Essentiël: Outlet Factor, vintage riem van Escada: Foxhole , Horloge: Accesorize

Vest en kleedje van Hoss Intropia: Outlet Factor , armband: Gallery Bernardz

Kleedje van Hoss Intropia: Outlet Factor, Bril en handschoenen: Foxhole , schoenen van Friis and Company: Just a shoe

Topshop + Hunting & Collecting = <3

First time ever we can buy Topshop/Topman in Belgium! Where? At Hunting & Collecting in Brussels. It ‘s also the first time Topshop sells it collection in a store that ‘s not theirs. I guess this means we have some nice concept stores in our country, since Topshop chose Hunting & collecting to sell their clothes (They have asked Ra too). The collection was welcomed with a little event; the visitors had access to a typical English breakfast buffet, yummy. The collection itself also had the success of yummy cookies, several pieces where already sold out, me too I couldn’t resist…

School ’s out for winter

Artemis styling academy

This friday early in the morning I missed my train to Rotterdam.. As I was wandering around in the station of Antwerp, the white view outside and the wintery dressed people enchanted me! So I quickly went home to get my camera, to get this magical winter feeling on picture.
I think missing my train in the morning was a sign not to go.. The track ways in the Netherlands couldn’t cope with the snow, it took me 5 hours to get back to Antwerp, I can tell you I felt the winter yesterday, damn cold!








Alexander Mc Queen, AW 2006; Station of Antwerp

View outside the Central station of Rotterdam; Smoker caravan of Artemis






During the class of trendprognose

Stylish fellow students

8+ goals Fashion show

The  8+ Goals fashion show was organised to promote the UN millennium goals. The show took place at the Museum of fine arts in Brussels, perfect match.. It was not just a quick fashion show, it was a real showcase mixed with modern dancing and opera singing.
Every designer promoted another goal..:

Natan was chosen for the goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by half. What Natan showed us was a collection that showed richness, and diamontery…. woops

Anne Kurris promoted the goal of achieving universal primary education, we got that message! she presented a brightly coloured children’s collection. Cuteness all over the runway.

Marrocan designer Noureddine promoted gender equality and empowering woman. It started promising, with the mysterious capes.. But COME ON… find a better idea then putting men and women in the same black pyjama! Luckily this wasn’t what she wanted to show us, a literally stunning collection came afterwards.


Next my dear JeanPaulKnott came defending the reducing of child mortality rates with a collection in mortal black. I love his talent in making sophisticated clothing, he ’s got skills..


Maison Anna Heylen made an interesting collection on improving maternal health. Nine girls with growing skirts. pregnancy!

Combating HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases came with a cool dancing scène about a jacket sprayed with infectious blood. A jacket collection from Alice + Zorro followed.


On aura tout vu‘ is the brand of three genius designers. They showed their latest aquatic collection for ensuring environmental sustainability.
There has been allready a lot of buzz about this collection on fashionblogs. Seeing this awsome collection live was soo cool!



The last theme was about the development of a global partnership for development with an all white mens collection by Bruno Van Gils. (I wasn’t impressed, certainly after the ‘on aura tout vu’ collection..)

I went to the show with fashionblogger Lisa, who shot the pretty pictures.

Fashion reflects society

In the fashion industry there are lots of people only interested in their own taste, it is a very idle and narrow industry.. I think the art of being a great fashion designer is in the ability to see trough your own environment and your own needs. Fashion designers who make it to the top, are liked by many, in that way they get elected as spokesmen of society. Fashion isn’t for the few, it is for the great who can see trough their narrow environment. Real fashion exists when designers open their eyes and ears to unfamiliar things. Fashion is about telling a unheard stories about the society of today and its needs.
(Rick Owens brought a very good story of what this fall 2010 is about)

The tough warriorlook came up last season, as a reflection of the fight of the mass against the crisis that has stroke hard.

The graphic prints in clothes show the influence of computers on our lives, we can not live without them anymore.

The ethnic inspiration on the catwalks is the reflection of the world getting smaller. Interests in ethnic cultures have risen, ethnic cultures become reachable trough the internet and trough travelling.

The ecotrend in society hasn’t left fashion untouched neither, people are getting aware that we ruining the environment in a high-speed tempo. That is why the vintage trend and eco-clothing stays important.

Clothes become more and more comfortable, because people become more busy, we fill our days more and more with activities and travelling.

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