jojo new shoes

Komend weekend vindt het 72 uur durende pop-up evenement plaats met in de aandacht de jojo’s, een omgevingsbewuste schoen. Ze hebben er een nieuw model bij, deze wordt ‘thinner, lighter & even better looking’. In brussel zie je meer en meer mensen met jojo’s, dat is niet enkel een leuk zicht, het leukste eraan is dat de wereld er beter van wordt.

Alle eer naar de hardwerkende breinen achter het merk Christoph Nagel en Matthieu Vaxelaire.

2, rue Lannoy
1050 Ixelles (Bruxelles)



8+ goals Fashion show

The  8+ Goals fashion show was organised to promote the UN millennium goals. The show took place at the Museum of fine arts in Brussels, perfect match.. It was not just a quick fashion show, it was a real showcase mixed with modern dancing and opera singing.
Every designer promoted another goal..:

Natan was chosen for the goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by half. What Natan showed us was a collection that showed richness, and diamontery…. woops

Anne Kurris promoted the goal of achieving universal primary education, we got that message! she presented a brightly coloured children’s collection. Cuteness all over the runway.

Marrocan designer Noureddine promoted gender equality and empowering woman. It started promising, with the mysterious capes.. But COME ON… find a better idea then putting men and women in the same black pyjama! Luckily this wasn’t what she wanted to show us, a literally stunning collection came afterwards.


Next my dear JeanPaulKnott came defending the reducing of child mortality rates with a collection in mortal black. I love his talent in making sophisticated clothing, he ’s got skills..


Maison Anna Heylen made an interesting collection on improving maternal health. Nine girls with growing skirts. pregnancy!

Combating HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases came with a cool dancing scène about a jacket sprayed with infectious blood. A jacket collection from Alice + Zorro followed.


On aura tout vu‘ is the brand of three genius designers. They showed their latest aquatic collection for ensuring environmental sustainability.
There has been allready a lot of buzz about this collection on fashionblogs. Seeing this awsome collection live was soo cool!



The last theme was about the development of a global partnership for development with an all white mens collection by Bruno Van Gils. (I wasn’t impressed, certainly after the ‘on aura tout vu’ collection..)

I went to the show with fashionblogger Lisa, who shot the pretty pictures.

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