It is about time that I write a post about Episode, one of my favorite vintage stores.  Episode was founded in the Netherlands 10 years ago, they have experienced and pulled the evolution of the vintagetrend. In Belgium we have a store in Antwerp and one in Brussels.

In Episode you can find funky clothes (mainly) from the 80’s and 70’s, the clothes that end up in the store have been carefully selected. What I love about episode is that they also offer hip clothes made out of vintage clothes, genius..
My favorites are their line of skirts, made out of leather jackets. And their baggy woman pants, made of male costume trousers.

When I visited their shop last time, I was impressed by their newest line: jumpsuits made from fabulous dresses! But they also have a lot jumpsuits in their original state, right out of the 80’s. EPISODE I LOVE YOU


Jutka & Riska

Jutka & Riska in Antwerpen op de Nationalestraat, paradijs op aarde als je van unieke vintage, accessoires en designerkleding houdt. Het werd opgericht door 2 zussen Jutka en Riska, die hun winkel openhouden in Amsterdam. De winkel biedt een mix van (designer-)vintage, van eigen ontwerpen van Jutka & Riska, en ontwerpen van andere jonge ontwerpers en labels. En verbazingwekkend betaalbaar..! Ik ben alvast een ring rijker:

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